New collection of bags

In Mantas Ezcaray we are very happy! Christmas is coming and what a better way to celebrate it than by launching our new collection of Shetland and Vigoré bags.

We have two types of models: The Tote bags and the Shopper bags

Both models are very functional, ideal for daily use.

TS-15C - Mantas Ezcaray

The Tote bags stand out for their design in the shape of a carrycot, they measure 50x30x21 cm, which makes it a very comfortable and practical bag for shopping.

This model is equipped with wrist straps and side straps made of leather and has an interior zippered pocket.

You can rest easy knowing that it has a small bag inside where you can keep your most beloved belongings.

SS-19C - Mantas Ezcaray

Our Shopper bags stand out for their size, which is 38x35cm, a size that will make you fall in love with them instantly.

They have long handles made of leather, which make you can carry the bag in a more informal and casual way.

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