Ethics Channel

What is the Ethics Channel?

In Ezcaray Mantas we have an Ethical Channel, which allows us to report any incident or irregularity of potential importance that could be contrary to the provisions of our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Thanks to this platform, and with your responsible collaboration, we can detect if there are behaviors that contravene our principles.

The purpose of this channel is to detect conduct contrary to law, principles or the Company’s rules of ethics and good governance, so we encourage employees, customers, suppliers or anyone who has contact with our services to report such incidents to us.

How to send a communication?

Below, you will be able to access the form where you can include all the details about the issue you are concerned about. Try to be as specific as possible in terms of names or departments, people, documents, policies, places, dates, times, etc.

The tool guarantees at all times the confidentiality of communications and the anonymity of the informant. In addition, the investigation process is conducted objectively, independently and with the guarantee of non-retaliation.

Good use of the channel

It is important to remember that the Ethical Channel only manages communications related to conduct that contravenes the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Ezcaray Mantas.

In order to avoid bad practices in the use of the channel, precise criteria will be applied to admit communications and with the demand for civil, criminal and administrative liability of persons who communicate facts with abuse of rights or violating the principle of good faith.