Origins - Mantas Ezcaray


Mantas Ezcaray is the continuation and inheritance received from Cecilio Valgañón, who in 1930 transformed the production of cloths into his handlooms for the manufacture of scarves, shawls and blankets. In the processes, the best natural fibres that nature provides us with are used, and which skilful and expert hands manage to transform.

Origins - Mantas Ezcaray

Origins - Mantas Ezcaray


The incorporation of the Mohair into his creations in 1950 has marked his path to the present day. From 1970 onwards, the founder’s children began to get closer to the company, thus giving rise to growth and expansion.

Now, almost a century later, Cecilio´s grandchildren have joined the firm with the aim of continuing the work of their parents and the dream of their grandfather.

Valgañon family, Mantas Ezcaray